The Start of an Experience of Faith at Għasri

After various preparatory meetings, the Seminary Community took part in an experience of faith at the Parish of Christ the Eucharistic Saviour at Għasri, on Friday, 16th November.  A Holy Mass was celebrated in the evening by the Reverend Rector, together with the formators and the clergy of the parish of Għasri.  During Mass an invocation was offered to the Holy Spirit.  On Saturday morning the adolescents of the parish participated in a meeting with a vocational theme.  The meeting was directed by the Vocations Group of the Seminary and a good number of adolescents were present.  On Sunday the formators took part in the various Masses celebrated in the parish and they also led the adoration which takes place between the 8.30am and the 10.00am Masses, on every third Sunday of the month.  Then from Monday, 19th November, onwards the seminarians started their home visits, according to a pre-set programme.  While the seminarians were on home visits, the formators were leading the adoration in the parish church.