The purpose of human formation is to help the seminarian to mature to manhood. Indeed, the priest must first be mature as a man. This formation is necessarily a slow and gradual process, with more restraints in the initial stages and more responsibility in later stages.

During the first year of formation, the seminarian needs to have more guidance and direction, as he will be undergoing a change in his way of life and outlook. Every seminarian is called to grow into a deeper understanding and acceptance of his inner self. Gradually, he should learn to be more responsible and independent.

After three years of formation, the seminarian suspends his studies and his residence at the seminary for one year. During this interruption, the formation team guides him to undertake an experience that would be most suitable for his better growth and maturity.

As a future shepherd of humankind, the candidate for the priesthood must develop certain qualities that are indispensable for a priest. These are, among others, the sense of initiative, the power of judgement, the capacity to assume responsibility, the quality of reliability, and the sense of duty. These qualities have to be seen in action.