The blessing of the Icon

An annual event in the life of the Seminary is the blessing of the Icon that represents the theme for the current year.  Usually, this event coincides with the announciation of Advent, but this year, due to various circumstances, the celebration was held on Saturday, 12th January, at 11am, when the icon for the current year was presented and blessed.

During the celebration, Fr Richard N. Farrugia, our rector, read a passage from the Gospel of St Mark (4:1-9). This passage, especially the line ‘But some seeds fell in good soil, and the plants sprouted, grew, and produced corn’, was the inspiration of the icon. Fr Joseph Mercieca, who was responsible for the theological explanation of the technique, explained the principal details of the icon.  Every detail in the icon has a profound significance that serves as an inspiration to whoever wants to delve deeper into the biblical message of the passage through the icon.  This year, Loreta Grech started the icon but had to renounce it for health reasons. The icon was then completed by Manuel Farrugia.