Seminar on Vatican Council II

Seminar on Vatican Council II (5)Monday, February 11th, marked the beginning of the second semester.  Following the end of examination week, it was lecture time again for the seminarians.  On Monday afternoon, Fr John Anthony Berry SThD joined the community to lead a seminar in which he gave basic information about Vatican Council II.

Fr John explained how Pope John XXIII had been inspired to call the Vatican Council II by various theologians and movements that, in the dawn of the twentieth century, were calling for reform by the Church.  In fact, Vatican Council II was launched fifty years ago, on October 11th, 1962.  Fr Berry presented the various visions of the Council.  He gave us a number of practical guidelines with which we can read the documents of the Council, especially the four constitutions.

In the evening, the community joined the Bishop and the members of the Church in a congregation at Ta’ Pinu.  A Mass was said for the needs of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, on the day in which he declared that on Thursday, February 28th, he would be renouncing his Papal Ministry as Bishop of Rome.