Lent at the Seminary

IMG_3495Lent is in itself a time of exercise in prayer, in fasting and in charity.  Once again this year too, the Seminary offered various opportunities to the seminarians to reap the spiritual benefits of Lent, both for themselves and for the community as a whole.  The programme dedicated more time to prayer, including the Mid Day prayer, the Way of the Cross and the Via Matris.  The penitential celebration for the seminarians was held on Tuesday, 20th March.  The fraternal correction and the Way of the Cross on Ghammar Hill were held on Wednesday, 21st March.

This year, the seminarians organised a half day of recollection for the students of the Minor Seminary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  They organised also the spiritual exercises for the students of the Primary School of the Gozo College.  Every Thursday, during Lent, the seminarians visited the churches where spiritual exercises were being held. The congregation gave donations for the Major Seminary.  During the Holy Week, the seminarians had their spiritual retreat and then they left the Seminary for their Easter holidays.  The community returned to the Seminary on Monday, 9th April 2018.