Gabriel Gauci and Daniel Sultana submit their vows

Ordinands' vows (4)

The programme of Saturday 11th May was different from other programmes we usually follow.  The community woke up early and set off on a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu at Għarb.  The calm atmosphere of the early morning accompanied us in our saying of the Rosary, the prayer which the Virgin Mother wants us to recite.  Fr Alex Refalo urged us to pray for the ordinands and also for ourselves so that we reap the fruit of our endeavours of the past year.

On arriving at Ta’ Pinu we gathered in the chapel for the celebration of the Mass.  Following the reading from the Gospels, Seminarian Daniel Sultana placed his hand on the Bible, and in front of the image of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin and in the presence of the Holy Eucharist, he proclaimed his faith and promised obedience and faithfulness to the teaching of the Church.  He also promised to embrace celibacy while humbly imploring God’s help.  Then, Deacon Gabriel Gauci proclaimed his faith and renewed the promises he had made last year, before his ordination as deacon.

Ordinands' vows (10)Gabriel Gauci is to be ordained priest on Saturday 25th May at 6.00pm at the Gozo Cathedral.  The ordination of Daniel Sultana as deacon is to be held on Saturday 22nd June at 6.00pm at the Gozo Cathedral.  On Friday 24th May, there is going to be an evening of prayer for the ordinands at the Seminary.  The evening of prayer will start at 9.00pm.  The adoration of the Holy Eucharist will continue throughout the night at the chapel of the Seminary.  Everybody is invited to join us in prayer for our companions, Gabriel and Daniel, who will be offering their life in service to God and to his Church.