Ecumenical Worship Service

On Wednesday, 16th January, 2019, the Seminary community of the Diocese of Gozo joined the Anglican congregation of St Mary and St George of the Diocese of Europe in an ecumenical celebration.

The ceremony started at 6pm with the Sig of the Cross, prayers for forgiveness and the Liturgy of the Word.  Afterwards, Rev. Simon Godfrey shared with us some reflections on the role of the priest in the Anglican Church and the Roman Catholic Church and on the importance of a holistic formation for seminarians on their way to priesthood.  Then we exchanged peace and recited the Nicean Creed. We said some prayers and the celebration came to an end with the Lord’s Prayer.

We then proceeded to the Seminary hall where refreshments were served.  Later, Rev. Simon Godfrey discussed with the seminarians the similarities and differences between the two churches.  He concluded by saying that there are more similarities than differences and that such celebrations help bridge the differences between the two churches.