Daniel Sultana accepted as candidate for the Ordination as Deacon

Daniel Sultana accepted as candidate for the Ordination as DeaconOn Sunday, April 21st, the Catholic Church celebrated the fiftieth World Day of Prayer for Vocations.  On this occasion, the parochial church of Żebbuġ hosted Bishop Mario Grech, the community of the Seminary and the parochial community of Żebbuġ for the celebration of the Word of God and for the Rite of Admission of Daniel Sultana.       

The congregation assisted first to the reading of a passage from the Old Testament and another passage from the Gospel.  Then Daniel Sultana shared with us his vocational experience.  Daniel stated that God’s attitude towards him was similar to His attitude towards Prophet Jeremiah: before he was formed in his mother’s womb, God knew him and appointed him.  The greatness of God and His calls amounts to this: God does not choose a person on the merits of his achievements; He chooses the person because He loves him, despite his weakness.  God chooses a person and helps him develop his humanity.  Daniel was grateful to God for the blessings he received during his life: his family, the seminary and the environment he grew up in.  All these helped him mature as a ‘man’.  Through this experience, Daniel was able to accept God’s call and find that happiness which he now feels he has to share with others.

Daniel Sultana accepted as candidate for the Ordination as Deacon (2)In his homily, Bishop Grech confirmed what Seminarian Daniel Sultana had just said.  The Church is proclaiming the message of Christ in a world where progress is hindering man from being truly humane.  Every person is called to holiness.  Bishop Grech reminded us that the call to holiness has to be answered in everyday life: each and every one of us should try to be more humane.  He thanked Daniel who, through his experience, reminded us of the mission of the priest: the priest lives his holiness first and foremost by being a true and honest man while sharing with others that happiness emanating from this holiness.

Bishop Grech ended his homily by reminding the congregation that that same day happened to be Vocations Day.  He urged everyone to pray so that the Lord sends more holy persons as workers ready to be witnesses of Christ and servants to all mankind.

Bishop Grech, then, proclaimed that Daniel Sultana had been officially accepted as candidate for the Ordination as Deacon.  The Ordination will be held next June.