A Christmas Activity


On Thursday 13th December, the altar boys and the members of the Vocation Groups were invited to the Seminary to attend a Christmas activity, organised annually by the seminarians.  As usual, a large number of children took part in this activity.

The activity started with a talk in the Seminary hall.  The talk was delivered by Seminarian Joseph Attard.  Then, the children were divided into three groups: students of Primary schools, students of Forms 1 & 2, and students from Form 3 onwards.  The seminarians organised games for every group.  At the end of the activity Mgr Bishop Grech met the members of each group.  He showed them his appreciation for the services that they give regularly in the parochial churches and the chapels spread around Gozo.  He exchanged his greetings for Christmas and offered gifts on behalf of the seminarians.

The seminarians compiled a calendar to be offered to the children present for this activity.  Biblical characters from the Old Testament are depicted in this calendar.  Every month features a picture regarding an episode from the life of one of these biblical figures.  The picture is accompanied by a short description of the life of the same biblical figure.