Chain of Prayer for Vocations



During Holy Week 2014, the Sacred Heart Major Seminary launched a chain of prayer for vocations through a “Call to all faithful who suffer”. An invitation was sent to all Gozitan households, encouraging the faithful to offer their suffering for vocations. They were invited to join the chain of prayer by filling in a form and making a commitment to recite daily the prayer: An Offering of Suffering for Vocations. About 250 people have already joined this chain of prayer.  In this way these faithful become aware of the value of suffering and use their suffering for a noble purpose.  Thus they  participate  fully in the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ.  By forming part of this chain of prayer, these faithful are sustaining one another in their suffering.  On our part, as community of the Seminary, we will remember them daily in our prayers.  If anyone wants to join this chain of prayer, he/she can do so by filling the form mentioned above and send it to: Chain of Prayer for Vocations, Sacred Heart Seminary, Victoria VCT 2042, Gozo or contact us on 2155 6479.

Chain of Prayer for Vocations – Enrolment Form for one person

Chain of Prayer for Vocations – Enrolment Form for more than one person